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*this is what you would see if you were me...looking at me...*

my homemade immortality. my lasting effect. my life after death.

23 June 1982
i make jokes that no one understands.
i am a hard core picture taker
i'm a huge pervert and if i say "hurry up" and you say "i'm coming" i'll definitely laugh.
people intrigue me and always surprise me.
music is what i need to keep my sanity. (yeah, that's right...a 311 quote)
i listen to ALL types of music. (NIN always and forever...)
i think like a realist, but believe like a fatalist...i consider myself to be neither.
i don't fit into a conveniently defined catagory...
i am an explorer of the human experience and i find pain to be the most intriguing feeling.

anything involved with photography, blue jelly, chuck palahniuk's mind, fun comfy panties, imaginative playful behavior, musik, nin always and forever, polaroids, remembering to sleep, scarification, stalkers that reveal themselves, star shapes, subconsious ideas, the world of baseball, tony oursler's interest-capturing projections, umpires with style